Corporate event with UKGBC @ The Conduit, Mayfair

In January of 2019, we had the pleasure of working with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC). You may never have heard of this particular charity before, but they are a big part of making our developed areas more sustainable and environmentally friendly, working with over 400 organizations including big names such as Canary Wharf, e-on, Heathrow airport, M&S, The Crown Estate and many more.

This particular event was a mark of celebration for the work done between UKGBC and some of it’s biggest supporters, with awards and thank yous handed out to special guests.

Being an environmental event, The Conduit was appropriately decorated with ivy across the length of the main hall, and a “Green Room” where guests could enjoy an indoor picnic sat on real turf, sampling locally produced honeys from around the city. The smell of the Green Room was apparent as soon as you walked in to the venue, with the thoughts of summer and fresh cut grass drawing you inside from the cold January evening.

Amongst the spectacles, Professor Menno Schilthuizen – the Dutch evolutionary biologist – delivered an intriguing speech based on the premise of his recent book “Darwin Comes to Town” (of which we thoroughly enjoyed reading our copy after the event), explaining how the natural environment is evolving and adapting to live in our urban environments.