Ten Things You Didn’t Know About James

Hi folks – a lighthearted post for your Friday afternoon. I want to be sure you know a little bit about me…so here it is, a quick ten things you didn’t know about James!

  1. Let’s start with a photographic one – the first camera I bought wasn’t even for me! I bought an entry-level Canon for Beata the first Christmas after we met. I even dropped the lens on the floor on Christmas day and it broke in to so many pieces! I kept calm and pieced it back together – phew. That lens still works to this day, although I totally ruined that camera the first time I tried to clean the insides myself (I didn’t really have a clue)
  2. I started out with photography shooting nature and landscapes. We spent as much time as we had free hiking to scenic locations – until I hurt my ankle from hiking too much. You can check out my personal work at www.jamesbartonimages.co.uk
  3. I break phones. I have a new mobile phone almost every 12 months because, well I just break them. Don’t ask me how. It doesn’t happen with other gadgets.
  4. I am a Scorpio. If you believe in that kind of thing, there it is.
  5. I always use a rollerball mouse. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. Life-changing.
  6. I love a good road trip. I drive a seven-seat car with a giant roof box – I can talk all day about great driving routes. This year will be the fourth in a row where our summer holiday is a road trip across Europe.
  7. I have a big beard. This one you may know already if you have seen my photo in the “about us” section of the site. It is not a hipster/fashion thing. I have had a beard for 10+ years long before it became trendy. Yes, it does keep me warm in winter. Yes, it is hot in the summer.
  8. The cold is my friend. Rather be too cold than too hot. You can always put more layers on, you can’t always take more off!
  9. I love coffee. Currently, there are no fewer than five different brewing methods available in my kitchen. My favorite is a ROK Espresso Maker made of copper, it looks amazing and is simply elegant.
  10. I am a sucker for a gadget. Every time I find a new gadget I want, Beata brings up the automatic potato peeler sat in our cupboard. I can’t remember the last time we even cooked potatoes.