Why You Need to Print Your Photos

Photography has come on leaps-and-bounds in a relatively short period of time. It was not so long ago in human history that photos were taken using chemicals on a piece of glass. Flashes were invented, then portable cameras, then came compact rolls of film, until we finally arrived at digital – which itself has morphed into a monster from tiny 0.2MP cameras, to tiny 0.2MP cameras on your mobile phone, to where we are today; you can instantly take a 16MP photo by whipping out your smartphone and share it in seconds with over a billion people on Instagram.

Photos have become an unfortunate victim of consumerism – produced now, to be consumed now, to be tossed aside tomorrow and forgotten about. 95 million uploads are made to Instagram every single day! 95 million times somebody sits and checks how many likes they get before never looking at that photo again. Do you remember every photo that you have uploaded to Facebook or Instagram? Probably not. Can you picture in your mind every photo that you have framed on display in your home? I bet you can.

That physical act of printing, framing and proudly placing a photo on your coffee table – that’s the thing that makes you remember, it makes you look, it makes you reminisce. And isn’t the point of taking a photo to capture a memory?

So really, it has become a question of quality vs. quantity. The hoi-polloi of Instagram selfies and Snapchat stories vs. special memories that you really do want to remember.

And what about that neglected social past-time – gathering around an album or box of prints, and flicking through them with friends and family. In our living room, you will find no fewer than 3 hand made photo albums at any time, which we proudly display to our guests, showing them our wedding and holidays.

Another reason to print is to safeguard against losing your digitals. What if your PC had a virus? Or what if the server at Google or Apple crashed and lost everything you store on the cloud? Physical prints of the most important memories are a great backup strategy.

Whether it is an album, a frame, a print in a box; please print your photos!